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Session One

This first session is a time for us to introduce ourselves. I'm not an urban planner or a sociologist or a philosopher, but I do have a strong interest in what is to happen to Downtown Toronto. We live in the downtown, just off Yonge, just south of Wellesley, on Maitland. The changes are coming at a furious pace. We can talk about sunlight and built form, but we talk far too little about what it's going to be like to live, work, study, dine, shop, play, or just walk in the downtown that will emerge.

This course is my effort to pull together a reasonably coherent picture of the forces at work and the levers available to those who would work to shape the future that is emerging. We'll get to TOcore, the on-going major downtown planning effort, but we'll also look at the broad array of forces shaping our downtown future. Along the way, I hope you will find the material engaging and entertaining, as well as educational.

Presentation Slides - Session One (pdf file)

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Supporting Text Files

Bowling Alone, Chapter 1

Handbook of Social Capital, Chapter 1



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Bob Fabian, course leader

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